Cleaner. Safer. Soy.®

DUST is a new, innovative, patented product made to replace the grimy graphite/talc mix in the planter. DUST is a 100 percent renewable soy protein product. Microscopically, it has more round shapes than graphite and talc, which are materials that are milled out of the ground. DUST’s round shapes provide lubricity for mechanical parts in meters and relief of static friction while making your seeds flow better through your planter. You will find it clean and safe to use.

Key Benefits

  • Replacement for talc & graphite in planter
  • Made with 100% soy protein & lecithin
  • Patented, microplastic-free, seed lubricant
  • Used on 7 million+ acres per year on more than 20 different crops

Dust Trial Chart

Application Rate


  • 0.5 oz. per bag of seed

Methods of Application:

  • Open container. Contents will settle in transport.
  • Begin with 1 scoop of product per unit of seed (i.e. about 1 oz per unit of seed). Usage rates vary by planter type and size.
  • Put lid back on container.
  • Keep container closed and in a dry location. Treat the same way you use graphite/talc.


  • DUST Pail (7lb)
  • DUST Pail (14lb)
  • 1 Pounder

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