Mid-Season Biological Update

YieldMaster Solutions Continues to find Success as Crops Progress

Agricultural biologicals are beneficial crop production and protection tools that enhance yield and overall crop health. YieldMaster Solutions, LLC (YMS) is selective about which products we choose to allow into our portfolio. We recognize different crops have specific needs, so YMS offers tailored solutions to address a crop or cropping system. Research and Technical Lead, John Squire, along with others, reports their mid-season findings from across the YMS footprint. The results of a variety of crops and treatments builds excitement as we set our eyes on harvest in the upcoming months.

Envita™ Trial on Potatoes

Envita is a new mode of action for nitrogen fixation. It is a naturally occurring, food-grade microbe discovered and isolated from sugar cane. Envita establishes itself within the plant cells and forms vesicles for nitrogen fixation. Envita will live in the plant throughout the season to supplement nitrogen requirements.

Visiting an Envita trial on potatoes in southern Michigan showed promise of success despite the tough conditions the crops have been facing. Potatoes don’t do as well in hot and humid conditions; however, the cooperator is still excited about the opportunity for the Envita treated field to do well. The cooperator stated, “So far, the potatoes with Envita are holding up pretty well in this horrible heat.” (Figure 1 and 2)

Figure 1 : Potatoes dug in field.           
Figure 2: Potato field in Southern Michigan.

Soyfx Trial on Soybeans

Soyfx unlocks the plant’s ability to produce growth regulators and metabolites that enhance production through biosynthetic pathway efficiencies. Benefits of Soyfx include phosphate solubilization, increased leaf area, pH regulation, enhanced pod set, and increased yield.

Figure 3: Untreated 0.4 RM Xtend® soybean (left) is just about to start flowering, while the treated variety (right) has already exceeded flowering stages and entered pod formation.  

Fantastic results were found in a dealer’s Soyfx plot in the Wishek, ND area. A maturity difference is visibly noticeable between untreated and treated soybeans (figure 3). The initial observation is early pod formation on the treated plants. Additionally, the plants are bushier and stronger.

Figure 4 shows another variety, a 0.9 RM Xtend® soybean. The check is on the left and Soyfx treated is on the right. Again, differences in size, maturity, and root development are easily noticeable.

Figure 4: 0.9 RM Xtend® soybean check and treated plants.  

Within this same plot, an experiment was conducted. Two random plants were pulled from the treatment trial and pods were removed. Figure 5 shows a visual of the results.

Figure 5: On the left are pods collected from eight untreated soybean plants. The right shows pods collected from eight Soyfx (seed coat) treated soybean plants.  

alphajoule Trial on Alfalfa

alphajoule is a mix of genetically identified and patented microorganisms selected to stimulate and support plant growth and physiology. It can be applied to alfalfa for benefits of increased yield, improved root structure, better regrowth after cutting, and general stress mitigation.

A grower near Naples, SD has applied alphajoule to a portion of his large alfalfa field twice. Once after first cutting and again after second cutting. This grower bales and wraps the alfalfa in round bales and based on bales counted, there was a 15% yield increase where alphajoule was applied after the first cutting and a 27% increase when applied after the first and second cutting, compared to the untreated crop.

Preharvest observations (figure 6) illustrate slightly larger leaves and taller alfalfa. Leaf size and leaf retention play a key role in forage quality of alfalfa.

A plant tissue test was also conducted. Plants with alphajoule contained more iron, zinc, calcium, manganese, and copper.

Figure 6: Observations from SD alfalfa field.  

Check out this video recording from Garret Allen to hear another success story. This grower testimony comes from Wheatland, WY.

Building Excitement for Harvest

These mid-season findings show promise for continued positive results as crops move into the harvesting season. The YMS team will continue to monitor our products and trials as we work to build our elite portfolio. Follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram to stay up to date with our latest findings and information.

If you would like to experience the YMS difference in a plot near you, contact us today at info@yieldmastersolutions.net.